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Living in South Texas can be a unique and wonderful experience, but when you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may also feel as if you are all alone in the world. This, of course, is not the case in actuality. Because Texas (and especially South Texas) is along the U.S.-Mexico border, there is a great deal of drug traffic that occurs through the state. And when there is a large amount of drug traffic, a higher rate of drug addiction always follows. It is important to keep in mind that you are not the only person in South Texas struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. There are many options available to you for addiction treatment in South Texas as well. If you choose to get to know what drug and alcohol rehab centers and their programs for addiction treatment, you will be able to see why you should seek out a high-quality program for addiction treatment in South Texas and begin your journey toward addiction recovery.

One of the major issues that can lead people not to seek out addiction treatment in South Texas is a misunderstanding of what an addiction actually is. Drug and alcohol addictions are not mental issues or weaknesses but are diseases that have physical components as well as psychological ones. This is why programs for addiction treatment are so important.

Addiction usually first develops for mental or emotional reasons. However, when a person abuses drugs or alcohol, what they do not realize is that there are hidden chemical reactions going on inside of their brain and body. When a person uses an addictive drug or alcohol, the speed at which the drug gets into the bloodstream will depend on the way a person uses the drug (snorting, injecting, oral consumption, etc…). However, at some point after consuming the drug, it will get into the bloodstream and be carried to the brain. Once this happens, the major chemical reactions begin to occur.

The drug will basically send instructions to the brain in the form of chemical signals. The brain, in turn, will respond to those instructions and perform certain actions. This occurs every time the drug is introduced into the system until the brain basically decides that the drug is going to always be there. The brain will then change the way it functions on a regular basis which causes it to be physically dependent on the drug. This is how a physical addiction develops and why it is so important to seek out the help of drug and alcohol rehab centers.

Why Does One Become an Addict

There are many reasons that a person could develop an addiction and oftentimes, the causes are complicated to say the least. Sometime, a person may develop an addiction as a form of self-medication to avoid dealing with issues such as past traumas or abusive childhoods. People with PTSD may develop addictions to alcohol or even to drugs that have been prescribed to them to help them cope with the condition.

In fact, mental health problems and drug and alcohol addictions are often linked because of this self-medication issue. However, it is also possible that a person will develop an addiction and not have any underlying traumas or mental health issues. Other factors such as divorce, work stress, perfectionism, and other traits and issues can all contribute to or cause an addiction.

Why Should I Enter a Drug Addiction Treatment Center?

There are many different reasons that you should enter a program for addiction treatment in South Texas. Firstly, it can be very difficult for a person with an addiction to break out of their negative habits and patterns all on their own. The detox process alone (getting the substance out of the body) can cause a person to experience severe withdrawal symptoms. If a person attempts to go through withdrawal without the help of a drug detox center in South Texas, it often is unsuccessful and can even be dangerous due to the possibility of having seizures, hallucinations, or other health crises.

On top of that, addiction treatment is comprehensive in that it addresses all aspects of an addiction. The physical, psychological, social, and familial aspects of a person's addiction are all dealt with in the various therapies, classes, and meetings available in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. If one part of a person's addiction is left unaddressed, they have a greater likelihood of relapse and resuming substance abuse in the future. As such, that person would benefit most from entering a drug addiction treatment center where they can be sure to get the comprehensive addiction care they need.

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