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Addiction treatment is as important to overcoming an addiction as managing your blood sugar is if you have diabetes. Addiction is a disease, one that is physical as well as mental in nature. However, many people do not view addiction in this way. In fact, they often think of addiction as a mental deficiency or weakness rather than a true disease. However, if you are suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction, there are many important treatment options to consider. One of those options is sober living housing. Many people are unaware of the options for sober living in South Texas or that sober living housing even exists. If you are among those people asking yourself, "What is sober living?", it is important that you learn about this treatment option and the many ways that it can benefit you in your drug or alcohol addiction recovery process. Then, you can decide if seeking out sober living in South Texas is the right choice for you.

What Is Sober Living?

Sober living is an addiction recovery option that often serves as a transition from inpatient rehab back into regular life. In a sober living community, a person is in a structured and supervised environment rather than thrown back out into the real world with no safety net. While it is not as restrictive as inpatient rehab, it is not a complete free-for-all like it would be at home.

Some people also opt to go through outpatient rehab or other forms of addiction treatment while living in sober living housing. This option allows people to continue working at their job, for example, while going through addiction recovery but will keep them from slipping back into old habits better than being in another living environment.

The idea of a sober living community is based on the concept of SMART Recovery. SMART Recovery, which stands for Self Management and Recovery Training, is a form of addiction treatment that focuses on individual motivation and management of the treatment process. Essentially, it puts much of the responsibility of recovery on the patient themselves so that they feel as if they are in charge of and in control of their own destiny and recovery.

While this is a self-directed form of addiction treatment and recovery, it is not completely without guidance. In sober living, there are group meetings and counseling sessions, supportive staff to help with issues, and support in virtually all areas of a person's life when they want and need it.

How Long Would I Have to Stay in a Sober Living House?

The length of time that you will need to stay in sober living in South Texas will depend entirely on your needs and your progress as you move through treatment and recovery. Most people stay in sober living for about 90 days. However, some people may move out of sober living before that time is up and others may need a bit more time to be ready to transition home.

Residing in a Sober Living House -- What Would I Expect?

When you reside in a sober living community, you can expect to have a great deal of support, not only from house staff and counselors, but also from your housemates. You and your housemates are all in the experience together and going through addiction recovery is a process that creates very strong bonds between people going through it. You can expect to form close, almost family-like bonds and friendships in a sober living facility. Many of these relationships may continue after you leave sober living which can help to ensure you have a strong and solid support system when you come home.

Are There Rules in a Sober Living House?

Sober living in South Texas is not without its structure, and structure means rules. There are some basic rules that are universal among all sober living communities. The first of these rules is that the residents of the community will all share in the basic chores and household duties. Generally, this means that there will be something along the lines of a chore chart or chore schedule to ensure that the duties are evenly distributed and that everyone is doing their part.

Another basic sober living rule is curfew hours. There are certain hours in which all residents are expected to be in the house and accounted for to avoid problems with relapse prevention in South Texas and substance abuse. Most people leave the house only for work or addiction treatments and medical appointments and remain in the sober living community the rest of the time. This is a part of the structure that allows for some basic freedoms but also helps to prevent problems for the residents in recovery.

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