Drug Rehab in South Texas, TX

Drug addictions can be difficult to overcome, but they are not impossible to deal with and recover from if you have the right help and care. If you are currently addicted to a drug, no matter what that drug may be, there are treatment options available to you through drug and alcohol rehab centers that can help. All you need to do to ensure that you are getting the help you need is learn the important facts about why drug addiction treatment is so important, what types of drug rehab programs are available, and about what treatments and therapies are used to help drug addicts recover. Once you have all of this important information, you will be able to find yourself a drug rehab in South Texas that will meet your treatment needs and get you on track to recover from your addiction.

What Is a Drug Rehab?

Before you feel comfortable entering a drug rehab in South Texas, it is important to know what drug rehab is and what happens in drug and alcohol rehab centers. The general idea of drug rehab is to provide comprehensive treatment and care for an addiction. Many people and even well-meaning therapists and doctors who are not completely familiar with the complexities of addiction may only treat one aspect or side of the addiction rather than the entire addiction.

A drug addiction is a physical as well as mental issue. It affects every aspect of a person's life from their internal biochemistry, their self-esteem and self-image, their relationships with other people, their career prospects, and a myriad of other areas of their life. Because of this, a treatment protocol that deals with only a person's physical (biochemical) addiction and does not address the other areas of a person's addiction, that person will not be completely recovered from that addiction and will likely relapse time and time again.

Programs for drug rehab in South Texas as well as elsewhere do not just focus on one area of an addiction. In addition to addressing the physical addiction through drug detox in South Texas and the use of anti-addiction medications, they also provide support and guidance to overcoming the mental and emotional sides of addiction through individual, group, and other therapies. However, that is not all that is available through drug rehab programs.

Some people benefit greatly from partaking in family therapy and couples counseling. Others find expressive therapies like art therapy and music therapy that are designed to help channel negative emotions and thoughts into a positive self-expression to be extremely helpful. And still others benefit from vocational training options and support. Every individual going through treatment in drug and alcohol rehab centers is different and therefore the therapies and treatments they choose to be a part of vary as well.

Common Drug Addiction Trends and Usage

South Texas is an area of the country that is unfortunately highly prone to drug addiction and trafficking issues. This is because of the fact that the region is on the border between the United States and Mexico and is known to be one of the biggest areas of drug trafficking between the United States and Latin America. Some of the most common addiction trends in the South Texas region include heroin, methamphetamine, and alcohol. However, virtually any drug can be found in the drug traffic going through the region and addiction rates among all of the various types of drugs are high on average.

Treatment Options

Drug rehab programs available through drug and alcohol rehab centers can be categorized by the various treatment environments in which they are performed. A person can choose to go through addiction treatment in either an inpatient (residential) or outpatient treatment setting. The most freeform and adaptable type of addiction treatment is outpatient treatment. This is because a person only attends therapy sessions and other treatments at times that fit into their schedule and they spend the rest of their time at home and going about their regular daily life.

While outpatient treatment may seem ideal because it can be so easily adapted to your regular life, remaining in your regular life could actually be detrimental in your recovery process. Temptations and distractions could prevent you from completing your treatment program and could cause you to relapse.

Inpatient or residential addiction treatment occurs entirely in an addiction treatment center. The person moves into the center temporarily so they can spend all of their time and energy focused on their treatment and recovery. This eliminates distractions and can help to ensure that no temptations are available either.

Why Should I Enter a Drug Rehab?

You should enter drug rehab in South Texas because it is the only way to get comprehensive and holistic treatment for your addiction. Remember that your drug addiction is a disease just like any other. If you had diabetes, you would not try to overcome it yourself by strength of will. You would seek medical and professional care and help. You should approach your addiction recovery in the same way. Call South Texas Alcohol Rehab Centers now for help (210) 762-5512.

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